Other Recommendations to Support Working and Later Life

  • Support the heterogeneity of women’s career trajectories through life-course approaches to career development.
  • Recognise profound Faculty-specific localised cultures that often override organisation-wide messages; specific messages may have to be tailored at a local unit level.
  • Develop a business case approach to older women in the workplace surrounding resilience, knowledge and collegial labour as a significant factor in organisational success.
  • Develop an understanding of how changing personal circumstances and opportunities may reconfigure (which may be both challenging and positively related to career development) women’s employment perspectives.
  • Consider the visibility of different bodies within the workplace, and the subliminal messages that visual communication, figureheads and initiatives targeting particular groups (e.g. early career researchers) may send.
  • Explore how embedded biases and/or assumptions surrounding age, career, capacity and perceptions may hinder overall organisational objectives. In particular, training surrounding unconscious bias and assessing data that identifies points of plateau that may result from possible inequality should be considered.
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