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Media Features

How to make work menopause friendly: Don’t think of it as a problem to be managed. The Conversation, 18th October, 2018 

Menopausal and more productive than ever. ABC National Radio: Life Matters. 

Thought Capital Podcast: Ageism at work (includes section on menopause).

Menopause and the workplace. HRM TV. 

Work environment may mediate menopause misery .Fox News

Struggling with Menopause? Find a better workplace. Times of Malta

Academic Articles

Temporality and gendered agency: Menopausal subjectivities in women’s work.

Jack, G., Riach, K. Bariola, E. (2019) Human Relations.


No sweat: managing menopausal symptoms at work. 

Hickey, M., Riach, K., Kachouie, R., & Jack, G. (2017).  Journal of Psychosomatic Obstetrics & Gynecology38(3), 202-209.

Menopause in the workplace: what employers should be doing.

Jack, G., Riach, K., Bariola, E., Pitts, M., Schapper, J., & Sarrel, P. (2016).  Maturitas85, 88-95.


Women at work: New horizons for menopause research

Jack, G., & Sarrel, P. M.(2016) Maturitas.

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